Haywire Movie
Haywire - They Gave Her No Choice

The action-thriller HAYWIRE brings mixed martial arts star Gina Carano to the big screen for the very first time and pairs her with celebrity heavyweights Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Ewan McGregor and Academy Award winning Director Steven Soderberg. Her role as double-crossed government operative Mallory Kane sends her into battle against sinister forces from within her own agency, forcing her to use her wits and fists to defeat her enemies and find her way home.

The rogue spy drama is a classic tale told by many screenwriters in many ways, but Director Steven Soderberg creates a fast-paced and highly entertaining joyride of a film in which the talented cast trades hard hits and sharp wits to great effect. First time actress Carano (Mallory Kane) joins former-model-turned-actor Channing Tatum on an action-packed hostage rescue of a Chinese dissident through the streets of Barcelona. She delivers her man safely into the hands of Antonio Banderas who stages a tricky double-cross and turns the hostage over to evil assassins.

To cover their tracks, the bad guys try to pin the man's murder on Mallory Kane, but the clever agent foils their plans and turns the tables on her adversaries to save her life and her good name. She joins spy Michael Fassbender in London as part of a covert couple out on the town only to discover he is setting her up for the dissident's murder. Once they return to their room, the fierce fistfight staged within the confines of a posh hotel suite leads Kane to realize that her own boss and former lover (Ewan McGregor) is part of the plot against her.

Returning to the United States, Agent Kane must confront her adversaries, do battle with her double-crossing boss and save her own father (Bill Paxton) from the clutches of rival agents holding him captive to leverage her surrender. In the end, the bad guys fall, the plot to discredit her is revealed and each evil man gets just what he deserves at the hands of this wily girl spy!

Gina Carano - Haywire movie
Directors: Steven Soderbergh
Producer: Gregory Jacobs
Writer: Lem Dobbs
Starring Gina Carano
Michael Fassbender
Ewan McGregor
Bill Paxton
Channing Tatum
Antonio Banderas
Michael Douglas
Music: David Holmes
Cinematography: Peter Andrews
Editing: Mary Ann Bernard
Distributor: Relativity Media
Release date:
January 20, 2012
Running time: 93 minutes